4th of July

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July. I spent the afternoon with my Mom, Dad, and uncle.

The past few years, I would watch the fire works in my frontyard. I wasn't having any luck seeing any except hearing the popping sounds and also the masqitos were being jerks. Boo! Mom and I decided to go for a drive and see the fireworks. As we were leaving, Samwise and Heidi where jumping at my window like "Where are you going?" 🙀

We weren't able to park in Vanetien Gardens becuse it was super crowded, but we found a place in the downtown area where we could be close enough to see the fireworks.

It was a good 4th of July hanging out with family and going on firework spotting adventures.

Getting My Laptop Fixed Today

For the longest time, the letter "D" on my key board has been weird and floppy.

The problem started when Samwise the cat decided it would be fun to use my laptop as a butt warmer. When I wasn't looking. After I pocked him up, I think he might have hooked his claw on the keyboard. That's when I noticed that the key was a little loose. Nope nope nope! 🙀

I held off for a while because I thought I could deal with typing with a loose key for a while, but then it got more annoying to the point where I would try to avoide typing any word that requires the letter "D" at all cost. Doesn't work because "D" is such a popular letter in the English language. Seriously! If only the letter that broke was "X" or "Z"! 😂

I'm using my phone to tell this story because I'm typing "D" a lot.

Anywho, the people at the Apple Store have worked in my laptop before and their pretty awesome and have done a great job fixing my computer. So I know that it will be back to normal soon.
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I applied for a job. I'm so anxious and super excited at the same time. I'm going to stay close to my phone for the next couple of days to see if they call me for an interview.
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I had a really nice Birthday today. Got a lot of nice bday wishes and a nice photo explosion on Facebook. My sister and I started a tradition were we would post an lolcat pic on our walls during our birthdays. :)

Went to lunch with Mom and Dad at Olive Garden and eat a spaghetti and salad. Our server was super nice and let me pick a free dessert. I picked three of the fact shooter desserts and she even gave me another plate that had happy birthday written in chocolate syrupy. Yum!

I eat all the things. I was full but I regret nothing. :D

After lunch, we went to downtown Mt Dora too walk off our lunch. It was a nice day though pretty hot to the point where we went to an antique store to cool off.

After we went home Mom and Dad gave me their presents and then we had cake. Mom got a chocolate cake and decorated it with word shaped candles that said "29 again." Lol! Don't mind being 31 though. XD

It's been a good Birthday. Then next week my next adventure is to fly to Mass and see Jen and Chris. Can't wait. :D

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I guess I'm offically back to posting on good old LiveJournal. Since I'm making new icons. =)

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Don't Be That Person. AKA Me

Oh boy, I had a bit of a scare today involving my Wacom Bamboo Splash tablet.

I decided to play with my tablet settings by increasing the firmness of the tablet. I thought it was cool how it effected the line weight so I decided to keep it.

So I'm going through my art programs. Starting with MedBang Paint. Then Manga Studio. Then ArtRage. Then THIS is where the trouble begin.

I decided to try Adobe Photoshop.

Then THAT'S when I got the dreaded error message "A supported tablet was not found on the system."


I panicked thinking I murdered my tablet, so I rebooted my computer. Message was still there but my tablet was drawing all pixelated in Manga Studio even when working with a 1200 dpi layer. The worst.

I decided to try to reinstall the drivers but ran into a problem of not being able to log onto Wacom's website.

I then noticed that the massage that appeared on my Wacom settings was gone so I was able to fix it back to the old setting.

*sighs of relief*

Moral of the story. If you have a Bamboo Splash tablet. Be careful with the settings. ^_^;

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